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Ewagoyin Stew Powder


  • 1lbs
  • This is for you if you love DIY
  • We packed our Authentic Ewagoyin stew Ingredients in one sachet, all you need to do is blend powder with 1ball of Onion and fry with 1litre of Palm Oil
  • Makes up to 2.2pounds of Ewagoyin Stew


Fashioned to make cooking easy

You do not need to keep looking for the local ewa agoyin seller

Make your own 100% Authentic  Ewagoyin sauce delicacy in the comfort of your home


Will make up to 1.8kg Ewagoyin Sauce

How To Make

500g Licious Ewagoyin Powder

2medium size Onion

Salt to taste

1litre Red Palm Oil

Soak the powder in 500ml water and blend with the 2 Onion balls

While you bleach the Red Palm Oil

Fry the wet blend in the oil until dried enough (this process takes up to 1hour)


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